Security Management

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What will it do for your company?

Security Policies (Tz0 Security)

Allows to elaborate and guarantee the application and the fulfillment of a complete security policy, composed of rules that will define how, when, and what type of features each employee is authorized to use.

Disc Encryption (Tz0 Encrypt)

Protects the information contained in your computers from traditional access and reverse engineering, uses military encryption and protects the moment you connect, before even loading the operating system.

E-mail Monitoring (Tz0 Sondas)

E-mail security solution that allows you to monitor and create rules (with specific words or attachments) about suspicious activity, seeking to detect the sending of confidential documents outside the company, for example. Blocks, optimizes, generates alerts and audits all e-mails.

Digital Investigation (Tz0 Forensics)

Technology that activates a tracking mechanism, online, in the machines, allowing to analyze any information, as well as to receive alerts focused on suspicious activity.

Exclusive bonus

By signing up the Asset Management package you receive totally free three other modules of the Tz0 Suite.

Report Generator (Tz0 EIS)

Complete tool for creating custom reports, comes with +600 reports focused on Trauma Zer0 modules, however you can use it to create reports on any system.

Development Platform (Tz0 TNetX)

Visual development platform that allows to create any type of application, either graphic or in text mode. It has a library of components that is easy to use. Allows programming in the known languages "C ++, Java, Basic and Pascal".

Monitoring Panels (Tz0 Dashboard)

It allows the real-time monitoring of the indicators, aimed at the company's technological environment, in order to avoid possible disruptions or surprises.

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