Systems Management

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What will it do for your company?

Software Distribution (Tz0 Deploy)

Allows analysts to perform the installation of programs without the need for physical and large-scale displacement, with agility and generating the least impact to the technological environment. Ensuring that users' work routine is not affected.

Patch Application (Tz0 Patch)

Enables centralized and automatic management of patch distribution in IT environments through scans that identify vulnerabilities.

Computer Recovery (Tz0 Phoenix)

In front of unexpected adversity, it enables your company to recover all work by restoring and recovering in a few minutes all files, programs and operating systems installed on the drive by storing and recovering disc image.

Performance Analysis (Tz0 Performance)

Monitors the performance of IT assets in real-time or at predefined intervals, as well as mapping any and all services running on servers or workstations.

Workday Control (Tz0 Hours)

Enables HR to control the access to the terminals in a direct and customized way, so that they are used only during office hours of company employees, through the establishment of specific workloads for each sector or department.

Development Platform (Tz0 TNetX)

Visual development platform that allows to create any type of application, either graphic or in text mode. It has a library of components that is easy to use. Allows programming in the known languages "C ++, Java, Basic and Pascal". 

Exclusive bonus

By signing up the Asset Management package you receive totally free three other modules of the Tz0 Suite.

Report Generator (Tz0 EIS)

Complete tool for creating custom reports, comes with +600 reports focused on Trauma Zer0 modules, however you can use it to create reports on any system.

Monitoring Panels (Tz0 Dashboard)

It allows the real-time monitoring of the indicators, aimed at the company's technological environment, in order to avoid possible disruptions or surprises.

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