Questions and Answers

About free product support

Is this product intended for which public? Our solution is aimed at companies, small and medium-sized, we do not see a problem with you using the "free" licenses in a domestic environment, but it is a product with architecture "client vs. server", it requires a "Windows" server with a database, the bank can also be downloaded for free as explained below.

Does the free version have different features compared to the purchased version? No, it's the same product, but restricted to five licenses. More licenses can be purchased in our online store, and automatically released to the product previously installed.

How can I ask questions about iVirtua's free support? The contact ways for the free products are:

  • Opening of calls via e-mail:
  • Quick questions via WhatsApp: +55 (51) 99768 0302
  • Quick queries direct in the website chat

What are the modules and how many licenses am I claiming for free? There are five licenses for each module, which can be installed on up to five computers simultaneously, for hardware and software inventory product, remote control, measurement of software use and monitoring, and security policy creation. We recommend you to see more details of the features of each product in the links above.

When will expire the five licenses of the modules that I am installing? They will not expire, you can use this version perpetually in your environment.

Do I need to pay for technical support? You do not need any payment to use the support via WhatsApp and the website chat. If you need a more differentiated support, we have paid plans with extended support, telephone, call system and up to 24/7, all can be purchased separately in our online store.

How do I add more licenses? Just go to our online store, and acquire more licenses, they will be added to your licensing and automatically the system will release access to more machines, the installation of the free version once made fully meets the release of new modules.

What are the "modules"? We call modules our by-products, the main product is Trauma Zer0, and each module that is purchased separately contemplates a discipline in the company's information technology department, e.g. Hardware and Software Inventory, Productivity Control, among others. To know all our "modules" see our products page.

If I get more "modules", how does it work? Once you have installed our product, even for the free licenses, simply purchase the additional module in our store, then your licensing will be automatically updated and the new features will appear on the product to be used, you do not need to install anything else once that the server part is installed and has agent on the machines (be they Windows, Mac, Linux, Android among others), the installed agent is unique for all the modules, only restricts the resources according to the acquired modules.
Which database should I use? Our product supports SQL-Server and Oracle, if you already have these banks installed in your company, just direct our product to it, if you do not have, for the free license, we recommend the free Microsoft database "SQL Server Express" that can be downloaded from the link below:

When will I be charged for the free version? You will not be charged.