Trauma Zer0 Suite

Provides an automated, secure and detailed inventory of all hardware and software on any company device (inside and outside the network) such as computers, network devices, internet of things, etc.
Allows the manager to monitor or control, securely, audibly and remotely, any station of the company, both inside and outside the corporate network.
Real-time monitoring and measurement of the use of all software on the network machines. All second-to-second activity can be recreated and analyzed historically.
Allows to elaborate and guarantee the application and the fulfillment of a complete security policy, composed of rules that will define how, when, and what type of features each employee is authorized to use.
Technology that activates a tracking mechanism, online, in the machines, allowing to analyze any information, as well as to receive alerts focused on suspicious activity.
Allows analysts to perform the installation of programs without the need for physical and large-scale displacement, with agility and generating the least impact to the technological environment. Ensuring that users' work routine is not affected.