Trauma Zer0

Set of solutions for the complete management of the IT Lifecycle

Why trust Trauma Zer0?

  • + 20 years of experience
  • + 1,000 clients served
  • + ten millions managed devices
  • #1 in automated teller (cash) machine safety
  • #1 in employee productivity control
  • #1 in allowing clients to customize their features
  • #1 unified platform with the lightest impact on the market
  • #1 best product in conformity with the LGPD law

Our products are divided into the Asset Management, Security, Systems, Productivity and Mobility categories.


Meet our Diagnostic, Installation and Configuration, Environment Updates and Training services.

What do our clients have to say?


"Using the Tz0 software distribution tool brought many benefits to the company, especially in the distribution and management of the packets for the remote terminals, as it increased the availability of the network during the transmissions of updates of the systems or the new software installations and it accelerated the delivery updates. This has generated greater reliability in the delivery of the packets to the terminals, ensuring that it is delivered in full."


"Trauma Zer0 suite is the Asset Management tool used in a park of approximately 13,000 computers managed by Procempa. It supports the processes of remote assistance, inventory management and auditing, distribution and development of software packets and security policies. Used for more than 10 years in our environment, Trauma Zer0 is constantly updated to meet the new demands and challenges in computer network management."


"Before Tz0 Phoenix we used other tools to capture and deploy our images. However, with the Tz0 Phoenix, we achieved a very significant time gain in this process, about 1/4 of the previous time. Despite the features that allow us to work remotely, the format we use is manual, via flash drive and this was only possible by the degree of compression that the images acquired with Tz0 Phoenix. Therefore, we believe that we have made the right choice when choosing this tool."


"The Tz0 Cycle has brought more agility and visibility into the company's demands for the team. With it, the client services have become much more organized and the clients are served in a shorter term and, thus, we have more time to dedicate ourselves to other activities. In addition, with indicators, our teams can see deficiencies in certain areas of the company, making faster decisions for error correction, new hiring and elimination of bottlenecks."

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How is your company's data security? Security in the computer network is a crucial factor for development and growth. A breach can led to irreversible consequences in business operations. Anticipating such issues to prevent negative outcomes can be essential. The solution is to rely on strategic IT asset management.

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