The founder

Find out how it all started!

The story of Cristian Robert Gallas, creator of the suite of applications Trauma Zer0, as well as iVirtua, borders on surrealism, while being very contemporary. The rapid rise of a small programmer to one of the largest IT "players" in the information technology segment of the country, competing with Microsoft, IBM and Symantec puts Gallas in the IT market. Gallas was born in 1973, in the interior of southern region of Brazil, in Montenegro. An agricultural municipality with few more than 60 thousand inhabitants, which is 81 km from the capital of Porto Alegre. However, it is through the program created by Gallas that big companies manage and control their network systems in a productive and safe way nowadays. Among them, there is Tecban, Sanepar, Sicredi, Saque e Pague, JBS among many others. Gallas started his computer skills at the age of 13, when his father, Paulo Roberto Gallas, a Watchmaker, bought the Input encyclopedia. The technical reading attracted the curiosity of the young beginner, who started to develop programs and games for the computers of that time. On his own initiative, he set up direct mail, catalogs, and sold the programs he created on cassette tapes, evolving over time to floppy disks. It did not take long, the curiosity and knowledge acquired by Gallas turned him into a software decoder, a "hacker". At the beginning of these discoveries, still very young and witty, he overturned the network of the university where he studied, played with the screens of other people's computers, listened and watched their reactions through the webcams, sent playful emails from his colleagues' mailboxes, among other things, always seeking not to be noticed, and exceeding the technological barriers of what would be impracticable for that time. The pranks became a serious thing in Gallas' life and in 1991 he entered the world community of hackers: "Cult of the dead cow". Through experiments and information exchanged with Russians, Americans, Asians, and Europeans, members of the community, Gallas acquired sufficient knowledge to also learn how the crackers (the so-called evil hackers) acted. And it was identifying these invaders that he decided to develop the suite of applications Trauma Zer0, that with only 500kb would monitor everything without being perceived or affecting network's speed.

Since he knew that his sister was working in one of the Sonae Group's (now Walmart) refrigerators, Gallas asked her to get a meeting with the Group's IT manager. In return, if he closed the deal, he would pay for the nose job she longed for. Within a week, Gallas was sitting with the Sonae manager selling his innovation. However, some solution requirements were needed in order to close the deal. It took six months of hard work to get Trauma Zer0 to deliver what they wanted from an IT software. After the Sonae group, the software had over 200 clients in just over three years in the company, a surprising and fantastic growth. Cristian Gallas, innovator, entrepreneur and extremely creative, decided to re-challenge the IT market by turning iVirtua into a company that offers the greatest technological advances possible for all sectors. iVirtua offers solutions from domestic to corporate use, enabling interaction of technology with the daily life of individuals and companies. According to the creator, there is no magic. "Simply, a lot of work, dedication, study, hours and hours of practice gaining experience. I do not believe in natural skills, the musician who plays the piano for more hours, who studies more and dedicates himself will achieve greater excellence, and that goes for the rest of the professional areas", he exemplifies. The company iVirtua, led by Gallas, besides developing products for the IT management and selling them, offers training, management and technical support services.