Tz0 Dashboard

Monitoring Panels

What is the Dashboard for?

Tz0 Dashboard is an application for visual tracking of statistics in real time. A dashboard is a screen or more layers, similar to a panel, with virtual instruments for immediate visualization, where variables to be monitored through graphs are associated.

Real-time monitoring

Tz0 Dashboard allows real-time monitoring of the usage indicators of each machine within the IT park in order to avoid possible inconvenience. As it is an online service, Tz0 Dashboard takes up little disc space, which allows better application and workstation performance.


Dashboards with specific information are typically called widgets, such as those used on operating systems that are based on Microsoft Windows and Apple's macOS. Widgets are floating panels that bring information, performance indicators or any other information the user wants for his/her use. The Tz0 Dashboard keeps track of these indicators in real time and presents them quickly and easily within the web browser used by the user through these floating Widgets panels.

Concern about device size

Fully "responsive" web-based access, it can be opened in any browser on any type of device, from desktop browsers to mobile devices and tablets.


  • Simultaneous connection with multiple DBMS, which facilitates the real-time monitoring of any indicators wanted by the user;
  • Supports the leading databases in the market, Oracle, MS-SQL Server and My SQL;
  • "Cross Browser" technology, can be viewed in browsers without any alteration in their visualization;
  • An interactive interface makes it easier to use and enables customization to meet user standards;
  • Easy creation of new panels;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support, Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, iOS and Android;