Tz0 TNetX

Development Platform

Tz0 TNetX is a platform dedicated to the development and management of networks. The tool provides a complete framework, fully integrated into the Trauma Zer0 suite. With it, you can use all the facilities in the agent, in the infrastructure of the environment and in the operating system, so that you can develop any type of application or utility. The programs generated in Tz0 TNetX can be executed within the most diverse platforms supported by Trauma Zer0, without requiring code change, nor specific programming for a certain operating system. There are no limits for your creativity.

Develop in C++, Java, Basic or Pascal at the same time in the same program!

Tz0 TNetX simplifies the development process by providing subsets of C++, Java, Pascal and Basic languages, and brings a set of ready-made commands by simply clicking and dragging them to the desktop. Anyone can create professional-level applications easily. You can develop the same project using the four languages at the same time, the platform supports "Cross Language".

Total freedom to develop your projects

Practicality is one of the main characteristics of Tz0 TNetX. With a large API, the work is quite easy, both for the development of graphical applications and for simple programs. Make a TNetlet (application made in TNetX) using the IDE for Windows and run it on your preferred Linux distribution. Even graphical and database-access applications are easy to build using the various features for manipulating data, executing SQL instructions, or working with XML files.

Develop without complexities

To build applications with Tz0 TNetX, there is no need for the user to have an in-depth knowledge of programming languages. Its IDE facilitates tasks in the point and click style, and the development interface provides a totally visual window design tool, requiring no specific coding, making it simple to use the most diverse low-level features of the operating system.

Get more out of Trauma Zer0

If the Trauma Zer0 suite is already powerful, with the Tz0 TNetX you can go further. Using creativity, your possibilities are pushed to the extreme, and very quickly, even in complex operations. By reinforcing your Trauma Zer0 suite with the Tz0 TNetX module, you not only enlarge your limits, you wipe them out.


  • Complete framework for application development;
  • It has a vast API, making work easier;
  • Freedom to create any type of project;
  • Full integration with the Trauma Zer0 "Suite";
  • Requires little programming knowledge;
  • Provides subsets of C ++, Java, Pascal, and Basic languages;
  • Multiplatform support, Windows and Linux.