We offer a catalog of customized services, assisting our clients in unified IT management to optimize performance throughout their organization.


By closely evaluating an organization's system, iVirtua helps system managers and process owners to understand what they are doing well and where they can make improvements to software configurations and processes.

A diagnostic helps organizations to achieve what they can accomplish at the highest possible level, with better use of software and process features.


A diagnostic consists of an analysis of the client software against specific criteria and best practices to determine where an organization is excelling and where it needs to make improvements or changes to achieve better results.

An iVirtua solutions specialist will perform a comprehensive remote review with specific criteria and best practices to determine where your company is standing out. This specialist will also identify where your organization needs to improve or make changes to achieve better results.

We will consult with your company's systems manager and other key people to understand processes, areas of interest, and business purposes where software needs support. After the review, we will provide a diagnostic summarizing the interviews, recommendations and an action plan.


  • Maximize features through efficiencies and guides for future improvements;
  • Risk reduction by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices.

Installation and Set Up

Deploy the iVirtua suite of products with ease and practicality with the assistance of experienced technicians.

The installation of iVirtua products and deployment services make it easy to plan, install and configure essential basic services and configurations of iVirtua product suite and associated systems.

Acquiring this service allows you to take advantage of the experience of our technicians in the design and deployment of complex infrastructure solutions. We also offer the "reinstallation" in a promotional price in case the Tz0 specialized technician of your company leaves and it is necessary to review and transfer knowledge.

Environment Updates

We are constantly launching new versions of security and management softwares, always seeking to better serve our clients.

With the Software Upgrade service, we offer comfort and practicality so that you have all updates of our solutions. Having the latest updates launched is keeping your IT environment always efficient and productive.


Always seeking to maintain comfort and practicality for our clients, iVirtua acts in an agile and remote way in the updates. Highly trained technicians make the necessary updates and configuration adjustments in iVirtua solutions remotely or personally. iVirtua keeps its IT environment with the last solution updates.


We offer conceived training to give our clients and partners the knowledge and the necessary practical experience on features and applications of iVirtua products and solutions. The official iVirtua trainings are open to professionals, clients and partners of the IT sector.

Our instructors are professionals specialized in iVirtua products and solutions. Each instructor uses interactive learning techniques, ensuring that each student has a comprehensive understanding, and absolute management of our products.


  • Certified training for the features and applications of iVirtua products and solutions;
  • Useful and detailed training material that will continue to offer value after the course ends;
  • Our certification ensures that its users have the training and knowledge required to secure and monitor their assets.