Benefits of the Subscriber

We'll be close by giving you the most supportive

I signed it. And now?

After payment confirmation, you will receive an email within 2 business days with access to our private area of ​​the site to download the installation. Once the installation is complete you should send us a code to license generation and product activation.

You will still have the right to:

  • Support: (Member area our site + private group WhatsApp Tz0 + 6-month calls + Unlimited telephone access to call center + Email support);
  • Product updates;
  • Deployment: 16 hours of remote assisted access that can be used for product installation and training.
"In short, we'll always be supporting you as the use of product as well as the best way you use it to reduce costs and optimize your Infracstructure, our primary objective is to be an extension of the intelligence of your Department IT."