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What's new in Build

The new Build is full of improvements, from security news, as such the reformulation of the communication protocol between agents and Trauma Zer0's console, to news that are aimed to the final costumer, as such the new method to open calls, going first handed through the knowledge base. As usual, many other improvements and revisions also take part of the releasing package.

More security in communication between products

Adding to all the Trauma Zer0's already existing security standards in form of communication, we have also improved the safest options available on the world market in matters of communication protocol. Now, everything is under TLS communication. There is no wonder why we are known as the safest solution on the brazilian market.

The administration of the Tz0 Cycle tool has become even easier

It is now possible to give permission of viewing objects for users or groups. In addition, with the application of a single policy, the administrator can separate two departments or sectors of the company completely, turning the calls of one sector invisible to users of another sector. The knowledge base is much more attractive. Now, as an option, the knowledge base is displayed along with items related to the object, procedure and / or type of call the moment a call is open. Besides that, if the related knowledge turns out not to be useful, the user can register the reason not, making it possible later to extract reports of the knowledge base's effectiveness. Finally, now in the time spent between one action and another, based on the calendar, things are always recorded so that it is possible to generate much more complete analytical reports.

Tz0 EIS even more powerful

Now, Tz0 EIS can create and update procedures in the database that can be directly used in reports. All this made by a very unique and intuitive tool. Very requested by customers, a new inventory field has been created that allows you to view the amount of RAM memory installed on a computer (not just the amount available). Thus, it has become even easier and agile to plan upgrades of computer network systems. Reports have also been created where you can view window shifts and copy and paste commands in more network applications for the purpose of analyzing possibilities to create new integrations between systems.

Different permissions for different levels of technicians

For the Tz0 Phoenix product, separate applications were released that only allow you to capture or recover images.

More power to administrators

Now, in the Tz0 Poll application, super users can see all the searches created by other users.

The remote control has never been so complete

The remote control counts with a lot of improvements, as such the implementation of multiple monitors by using the mirror driver to achieve a considerable performance gain. There is also the support in Windows 10 and all the acceleration features for the best and safest remote access experience.

All of this is just a preview of what has changed. Want to see the complete list?

I have the older version and would like to update, how do I do that?

If you have a very old version and you no longer have access to our customer area, please contact us. Let's analyze it to find the best way to access our product updates.

From the launch of Build, the support feature for the earlier version will only be available for more 120 days. After this period, customers must update their versions so the technical support can operate with efficience.

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