The importance of providing training for IT staff


If you could choose between two IT professionals to execute an important project, one that gets constant training and one not, which one would you choose? Most companies would not hire IT professionals without qualification. In fact, most IT professionals are even qualified for the position they will hold at the time of hiring, but over time they become outdated professionals, out of technological changes and the development of new processes. The result of this professional gap ends up reflecting directly on the organization: the company loses mainly in agility to respond to market challenges and operational efficiency drops.

Listed below are some reasons that will help you understand the importance of providing training for IT staff. Check out!

Training = satisfied collaborator

There is nothing more frustrating for a collaborator than not being able to deal with a new technology or process. Even worse is relying on tutorial videos on YouTube or help from others.

Professionals who feel inefficient, unsupported and lagging behind the market are unhappy. They are not satisfied with their work and are not motivated, which ends up generating inferior performance, and they do not worry about the final product, which ends up generating financial loss and lost time for the company.


Collaborators who are constantly updated and trained generate value for the company. They have a higher level of productivity and the reasons for this increase are quite simple: trained collaborators respond quickly to business needs, are more flexible about project changes, and know exactly how to use their work tools. In addition, they gain in efficiency and spend less time and effort performing their activities, such as resolving a support ticket.

Expenses Reduction

When a collaborator makes a mistake, the time and resources used to perform that activity are lost. The work needs to be done again and this is causing damage and stress for all parties involved. The management will need to explain why valuable company resources have been wasted and will need to allocate a new resource (or withdraw from other areas) for the correct execution of the activity. The collaborator will need to invest more time, having to work overtime, or reduce the time spent on other activities. And the customer may receive a service or customer support of low quality or very different from what was offered.

As we saw above, keeping your staff trained and up to date is critical to responding IT and market challenges, gaining competitiveness and adding real value to your company.

For customers who purchase Trauma Zer0 products, we provide training for staff to use the tools productively, saving time in daily processes and facilitating the day by day within the organization.

If you are already a Tz0 customer and want to know more about our training or if you are not a customer and want to know how our application suite can help you, please contact our commercial sector at +55 51 3057 7700.