4 purposes of IT inventories for your company


Companies of all sizes have equipment and systems in their technology park that are essential to their operation. But how can these devices be managed?

Through strategies that the IT department must apply in order to have detailed knowledge, predict and solve problems. With this in mind, IT inventories are a great ally for effective asset management.

In this article, we'll look at some of the purposes of IT asset inventories and introduce the Trauma Zer0 solution.

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What is an IT inventory?

It is a detailed record of all the technology assets and information related to an organization. Its main purpose is to provide a comprehensive view of the client's devices and network. This helps companies manage their assets to plan upgrades and maintenance, ensure compliance with regulations and help decision-making.

We've listed 3 purposes. Check them out!

1. Real view of your devices: Get a real, accurate and detailed view of all the hardware and software of the devices on your network and outside the network.

2. License tracking: Easily track and map your company's software licensing, attach invoices, check on which machine a particular license is installed, plan and control software investments.

3. Infrastructure details: Have performance indicators that analyze the performance of each computer in real time, suggesting CPU, memory and disk upgrades or even a strategic upgrade by reallocating resources.

4. Track your devices: Know the location of your equipment and who is accessing it. Also identify any hardware or software changes being made to these devices;

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