Tz0 Inventory

Hardware and Software Inventory

Do you need to have the visibility of software licenses in the technology environment?

A major difficulty in IT management is keeping all software licenses up-to-date according to the company's needs. Ensuring employees do not install software for which your company does not have a license is a more complex task. Tz0 Inventory makes this much easier and keeps your network running according to the law. Through reports, the tool allows you to identify in which softwares to invest and how many licenses to acquire, being able to relocate them from where they are not being used.

Does updating inventory to be in compliance for audits mean visiting each point on the network?

With technology renewing every day, companies seeking a secure expansion while maintaining accurate and up-to-date control of all software and hardware inventory no longer have to do so by orthodox means. Tz0 Inventory quickly and accurately organizes a complete inventory of all company assets without human intervention. Save unnecessary time and expense with inventory audits!

Is your equipment still the same as the one you purchased?

Typically, many modifications are made to the original configuration of the workstations over their lifetime. With several parts changed or removed, it becomes difficult to know if all the current hardware is the same as the one you bought. This occurs mainly in goods that suffer from imperceptible casualties - such as memory combs, HDDs, and SSDs, for example, due to damage, or exchanges for lower quality items. With Tz0 Inventory, whenever your business acquires new hardware, when new features are deployed, or the network structure is modified, inventory is updated. Even peripherals, laptops and wireless devices can be disconnected and reconnected elsewhere in the network without duplication of machines - which causes serious loss of time and money in the companies.

Do you need to inventory features in addition to hardware and software components?

With custom forms, which can be generated for inventory by associating the object's asset number, traceability becomes much easier and safer.

Can your company successfully reduce TCO?

Modern management approaches require mechanisms to help companies control and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). When designing hardware investments, the manager must consider future costs that come embedded throughout the equipment life cycle, which far exceed their initial costs. Through Tz0 Inventory it is possible to define the ideal model for hardware and software acquisition, taking into account all the costs that accompany each workstation, through a life cycle analysis. Thus, from measures based on data of the Tz0 Inventory, it is possible to reduce drastically the expenses and still to get a "ROI", a bigger and faster return on the investment.

Continuity and risk analysis of your business from a software point of view

Allows you to inventory the source of the program files of computers in your network. With "exclusive" technology, you can scale the depreciated technologies and the risk of lack of continuity, such as applications compiled with "clipper", old versions with "java" vulnerability, "Cobol" compilations, among many other platforms, this allows you to accurately scale the level of "continuity" of the technologies used by your company.


  • Eliminates unnecessary spending on software and hardware acquisitions;
  • Manages software licenses and inventory serial numbers of applications;
  • Aligns features to international ITIL standards;
  • Drastic reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership);
  • Count files with its inheritance data, such as compilers, linkers, and libraries used for its generation;
  • Time and stability, real-time inventory of hardware and software;
  • Inventory disconnected machines using "vPro" technology;
  • Unparalleled accuracy, guaranteed by proprietary virtual certification technology (Unique ID) that prevents duplication of existing workstations in the network;
  • Detailed x-ray, detects all kinds of hardware in the network, from computers, mobile devices to internet of things "cameras, switches, routers, firewalls, etc.";
  • Custom forms allow you to generate forms according to your needs in order to add information (physical or logical) to the inventory;
  • Tool for the creation of a visual map of the network;
  • Preventive maintenance assists the IT team in preventive maintenance, for example, by informing which discs have a critical storage capacity;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support, Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix, Android, iOS, WindowsMobile, Blackberry, Symbian, DOS and OS2.

How does it work?