Avoid interrupting activities to update your workstations


Regardless of the department you work at, updates and adjustments are essential to guarantee the security and efficiency of a company's technology park.

Therefore, prioritizing this point is something that makes all the difference to your employees' day-to-day work, as it even helps with productivity. That's why having good software can make a significant difference to management.

In our article, we'll discuss how companies can avoid interruptions and the role of Trauma Zer0 in this process.

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What is the main function of this management?

Its main objective is to ensure that unexpected failures do not occur and that system updates are always up to date. In addition, well-maintained equipment is more likely to operate accurately, which can lead to an improvement in the quality of the services offered by the company.

New programs and applications appear on the market every day. The fast updating of software seeks to keep up with the increasing demands for solutions that quicken workflows.

With this in mind, Trauma Zer0 has developed a tool for these needs.

Meet Tz0 Deploy!

With this Trauma Zer0 tool, deployment can be carried out on any type of equipment, whether desktops, notebooks or even servers. It is possible to pre-schedule and follow rules defined by the network administrator and also to assign a certain type of software to each specific machine or user profile.

The whole process takes place without the users of the stations realizing that changes are being made, and there is no need for any kind of intervention that could compromise the workflow.

Maintenance should no longer be a problem for your company! Discover the benefits of Tz0 Deploy:

> Agility and savings in software distribution;

> Rapid application of patches and security updates;

> Reduced network infrastructure costs;

> Dedication of the IT team to activities with a greater impact on the company's bottom line;

> Automatic distribution of packages to users, workstations and groups, with silent installation;

> Package generator application integrated into the solution, allowing you to create customized packages;

> Flexibility guaranteed by the "Software Containers" concept, where automatic distribution points (nodes) support the scale of the distribution.

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It is essential for organizations to prioritize and implement technologies such as specialized software in order to obtain the best results.

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