Preserve Your Company's Computer Network Security


How is your company's data security? Security in the computer network is a crucial factor for development and growth. A breach can led to irreversible consequences in business operations. Anticipating such issues to prevent negative outcomes can be essential. The solution is to rely on strategic IT asset management.

With this type of solution, the company will be prepared for potential threats, avoiding unnecessary concerns. Next, we will address the risks that the company may face and how to avoid them with Trauma Zer0. Stay tuned!

Risks a Company Can Face:

Even if your company promotes awareness of good security practices among employees, there is no guarantee of a secure environment without an efficient solution implemented in your IT infrastructure.

Check out some risks:

Operational Disruption: A breach can interrupt your company's activities and result in delivery losses.

Legal Compliance: If a company does not ensure data security, it may face significant fines for non-compliance with data protection laws. The NDPA (National Data Protection Authority) is monitoring the compliance of organizations and receiving reports of data breaches.

Internal Threats: Being vigilant and ensuring what each employee accesses is not an easy task and cannot be done manually. Employees can pose an internal threat to the company's security by potentially disclosing sensitive information.

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How to Avoid These Issues with Trauma Zer0!

Avoid having any more problems with your company's computer network security. Trauma Zer0 has developed a comprehensive tool for those looking to maintain security without neglecting other areas. Get to know TZ0 Security! With it, your company stays secure through multiple layers that protect workstations. Furthermore, you ensure the expected credibility in the market. Check out more details about this tool:

  • Define how, when, and what type of resources each employee is authorized to use;
  • Prevent users from violating rules stated in the security policy;
  • Reduce the possibility of fraud;
  • Allows you to block access to software, hardware, websites, folders, and files;
  • DLP support.

And much more.

Transform your company with Trauma Zer0's cutting-edge technology and management. 

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