Does maintenance mean downtime for your team?


Ever notice how businesses always need software updates, tweaks, new installs, and uninstalls? Sure, updates usually boost performance, but they can mess with your team's flow and mess up their deliverables. But did you know there's a way to handle this smoothly, quickly, safely, and without breaking the bank? Check out our article!

How to save big on workstation maintenance?

The old-school maintenance most organizations do leads to unexpected downtime, lost productivity, and hefty repair bills. That's where Tz0 Deploy swoops in. By bringing Trauma Zer0's solution into the mix, your company saves time and money without disrupting the workflow. This tool automates the install, update, and uninstall process for all your network's software without you having to touch the equipment, cutting out extra maintenance hours and unnecessary trips to each site.

What's New! Tz0 Deploy just got a major upgrade, with a more practical and optimized version in our dashboard. Our solution now syncs up automatically with the world's leading software manufacturers, letting you install packages straight from our partners' sites. We're talking over 500 integrated companies, including big names like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Mozilla, Google, and many more. This means you can schedule installs and updates on autopilot, no package creation needed. It's all about making things easier and keeping your environment compliant.

Plus, we've got a fresh Windows update area where you can dive into KB info and keep your Windows environment up-to-date and secure.

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