Efficiency and Security in Remote Workstation Management


The technological era increasingly allows us to stay informed about what's happening on workstations without the need for physical presence.

Many organizations are already adopting remote management models to manage effectively and securely.

But how can it make a difference? We'll tell you!

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What is this management?

With this type of management, it is possible to monitor, diagnose, and solve problems in real time, regardless of physical location.

Additionally, remote management can contribute to reducing operational costs, as there is less need for travel and physical interventions on machines, saving time and resources.

By acquiring the right tools, and with the help of this type of management, it is also possible to obtain access reports for better control.

4 Benefits You Will Guarantee

> Possibility of maintaining or installing software without interference;

> Identification of all accesses;

> Protection barriers against cyberattacks;

> Total control.

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