Tz0 Remote

Remote Control

Need to access a computer network regardless of type or connection speed, avoiding unnecessary displacements?

Keeping a network of computers working properly is a time-consuming task for the IT team, as it is often necessary to move technicians to maintain workstations in distant locations. With Tz0 Remote, your business is going to have great savings. This powerful remote control solution allows the manager to remotely view and control any network station as if sitting in front of it, even if this workstation is not part of the same network and is behind "firewalls".

Need to know which equipment was accessed remotely?

The Tz0 Remote relies on a variety of management reports aimed at auditing access performed by technical analysts. Among the information that can be obtained through the reports, the manager can check which workstation a particular analyst has accessed. Date, time of access and duration of the connection. By integrating the Tz0 Remote with the Tz0 Metering or Tz0 Forensics modules, the audit information have greater detail, allowing you to view the actions taken during remote access or even a "step by step" video of what was done on user's workstation.

Are you safe from hackers?

Hackers have many ways to hack into and take control of corporate networks, gaining access to sensitive data and often causing irreversible damage. Fortunately, Tz0 Remote is not one of them. The Tz0 Remote is a secure solution that works with up to four layers of protection. Among these protection barriers, remote access does not leave open doors for hacker connections and uses authentication with single symmetric encryption key per connection.

Security taken very seriously, from the protocol to whoever uses it

The solution has several levels of permission, everything can be controlled, you can define different access levels, who can do what, in what machine, machines whose access need a visual permission from the remote user, all this is integrated to a robust credential mechanism, the management of your remote accesses has never been so controlled. Our solution is used to control 99% of ATMs all over Brazil.

Do you need to access workstations with minimal impact to users?

Through Tz0 Remote it is possible to remotely assist users, generate diagnoses of user programs and interact, if necessary, it is possible to support the user in some technological activity that is experiencing difficulties. With the tool console, the IT technician can make the required changes to the workstation while the user uses it to work, without the user seeing what is happening simultaneously. In addition, all actions taken are audited.


  • Manage workstations remotely in a quick and safe manner;
  • Reduces costs with displacement of IT technician;
  • Audit of all remote accesses, generating reliability and transparency in the services provided by the IT area;
  • Possibility to control users' workstations remotely, without interfering in their productivity during maintenance or software installation;
  • It works with symmetric authentication (different for each connection), with up to four layers of protection, it does not leave open doors waiting for hackers;
  • Defines different credentials and access levels for each technician or group of technicians;
  • Fast and stable access, even at workstations outside the organization or ATMs (Automated Teller Machine), with very slow connections;
  • Secure banking technology with solution directed to ATMs;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support, Windows and Linux.

Hardware and Software Inventory

Whether you are an efficient organization of all the hardware and software of the machines in your network, everything stored in real time database for reports, integrated with the entire remote control system, we have this solution for you. Want to know more