Tips to increase employee productivity


Using the right tool, coupled with the right methodology, teams can unburden certain processes and gain more focus to focus on more robust projects. This initiative is already a reality in many companies and has many benefits, such as cost reduction and more productivity.

There are companies investing to pursue these improvements by hiring software or even outsourcing certain, more operational sectors. However, even with initiatives like these, some assumptions need to be made with the team, making surprising improvements in IT productivity over the medium term feasible. Here's how to boost your company's IT productivity:

Know your team well

Do you know your team well? Do you know exactly the strengths and weaknesses of each employee? If the answer to both questions is no, start working hard and put these questions as your next goals. It is very important to know each member of a workgroup to make sure that the activities are being distributed to the most qualified and dedicated people. This understanding, in addition to increasing productivity, also boosts employee satisfaction when faced with tasks that are more related to their interests and skills.

Your goals should be clear and objective.

Another important point, and at no financial cost, should be good goal planning. Each activity must have its own goal, or set of goals, and each activity needs delivery dates or at least estimates. As you sit down with the team to assign tasks, don't leave without determining each team's goals and deadlines. Timing, when determined even as a forecast, gives more respect and a sense of delivery of the final product.

Do you already have a software to help you?

A team that is victorious is a team that is now intertwined, and now that each one receives the highest affinity activities, has well-defined goals and deadlines, don't you think this all needs to be recorded and organized somewhere?

Employee productivity management software gives you access to real-time monitoring and measurement of the use of all network machine software.

The Trauma Zer0 Suite has the Tz0 Metering module, with it every second-by-second activity can be recreated and analyzed historically, and you know everything your employees are doing on their computers, filtering out those that are productive or unproductive.

Always tells how your team is going

We all enjoy good feedback, especially when it's positive. But in this case, the negative is also worth. The point is that your employee must have a constant understanding of how they are doing in the activities they are assigned to. Therefore, do not hide the opinions about your professionalism, your level of dedication, the quality of your work and score whenever necessary.

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