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Productivity Control

Do you need to monitor users' actions in real time?

In corporate networks, it is very difficult to control which employees are being most productive, and who are just wasting their company's time and money with games, social networks, Messenger and other types of programs that do not contribute to the work routine. How is this control done in your company? Memos? Productivity reports? Screen monitoring per screen? Or by other equally unfeasible means? Get access to accurate productivity reports and graphs that let you know the daily percentage spent by each employee using each program. These reports can be sent by email to the employees periodically. The productivity of each one can also be accompanied by the manager through an APP for smartphone.

Do you need to demonstrate non-compliance with security policies?

An employee at your company receives an email thinking it's from a client and clicks on the link in the text, but in fact, this email is a spam (which was not even from your client). What happens next can jeopardize your company's sensitive data and cause losses with major damages. Tz0 Metering monitors all of your employee's actions on your workstation, so your IT team can see what was the subject of the email that the user opened and which sites or programs this email triggered from the moment it was opened, making it easier and faster to solve the problem. Because the tool monitors in real time all activities performed on your company's workstations, it is easy to discover and verify improper access. For example, a desk worker opens a financial worksheet on his workstation, something he should not have access to, going against company policies. Tz0 Metering highlights these actions, generating reports that help make decisions about an employee and improves security regarding internal access policies.

Is your software investment being leveraged? Need to map idle licenses?

Companies invest high amounts in certain software that they consider important to users in their network, and they often never use it. How do you know which software is more or less used by your employees? Surveys or polls will never give you a precise margin of answers that will assure you about your investment returns. Through Tz0 Metering's monitoring and measurement features of real-time software use, you can find out the percentage and incidence of use of any program that exists on your corporate network through precise graphs. Thus, it is easier to relocate software licenses, avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Productive x Unproductive? Leading everyone to productivity!

It is no longer surprising how much time employees lose in activities that have nothing to do with the activities they were hired to perform. Our product gives you this "real" view of what happens and has tools that give you alternatives to start internal productivity increase programs without blocking anything, turning lost hours into high productivity. For the present times, it is a product with an easy "ROI" return on investment. We give you material and tools for your HR to quietly lead employees to maximum productivity.


  • Helps your company to maximize productivity;
  • Monitors and controls the use of any software on the network;
  • Protects your network against software misuse;
  • Provides evidence for strategic decision making, avoiding security or fraud issues;
  • Reduces software licensing costs;
  • Monitors second-to-second real-time activities and actions on the workstation in a totally imperceptible way;
  • Extracts reports containing date and time of login/logout by the user at his/her workstation, with the activities performed at that time;
  • Know the exact time your employee spend on social networks, games, or doing other things on the internet that are not work related;
  • What, who, where and when was an activity carried out in the technological environment;
  • Presents a global overview of internet access and software use;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support, Windows, Linux and Android.

How it works?

Digital Investigation

It needs a level of user monitoring deeper than the "Tz0 Metering" has to offer, we have what you are looking for, our product focused on digital research. Want to know more