Why should your company consider investing in IT management in 2024?


When we talk about IT management, we're talking about various processes in a company, since it can be linked to many different areas. One of them is the control and maintenance of all the technological resources used, from hardware and software to data and information.

We've written an article on the benefits of considering IT management for your company in the coming year.

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Now, what are the benefits?

Through this management, your team can centralize and control each asset in a highly efficient way. And even automate some tasks. Check out the other benefits:

> Improved competitiveness in the market;

> Increased security;

> Employee productivity control;

> Reduces the number of calls to technicians;

> Detecting weaknesses.

Regardless of the segment in which you operate, IT has become a powerful key.

Trauma Zer0 makes this process easier!

Using technology as an ally, Trauma Zer0 has tools that will help automate your IT management.

Check out all the tools available:

Tz0 Inventory: have an automated, secure and detailed inventory of all hardware and software on any device in the company (inside and outside the network).

Tz0 Metering: precise analysis of the performance of activities carried out by your employees and staff.

Tz0 Deploy: allows analysts to install programs without the need to travel physically and on a large scale, without interfering with their work routine.

Tz0 Remote: enables secure, supervised and remote monitoring and control of any of the company's workstations, both inside and outside the corporate network.

Tz0 Security: makes it possible to draw up and guarantee the application of a complete security policy, with rules that define how, when and what type of resources each employee is authorized to use.

Tz0 Forensics: records the main activities performed on computers for online or future auditing, capturing and storing keyboard logs, file manipulations, videos of user actions, webcam, audio and others.

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Which one of these makes the most sense for what you're looking for?

New cycles always begin. In 2024, start one in your company with IT management.

Do you want to manage your IT environments with everything Trauma Zer0 provides? Contact us.

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