Tz0 Cycle

Helpdesk / Service desk / Task Management / Project Management / Workflow

Does your company follow management standards?

Maintaining competitiveness at the fast pace of the market means a feature-saving production. Managing work processes that guarantee results, investing less and less time and money is now one of the great challenges for managers. Tz0 Cycle was developed to meet this market need, since its simple deployment ensures that the company complies with the main international management standards: ITIL, COBIT, CMM, among others. Through Tz0 Cycle, all the processes of your company are pre-scheduled, seeking the optimization of activities. Process flow is monitored and followed at each stage, ensuring that all steps are performed correctly. It also manages projects within these standards and coordinates people, tasks and processes in execution periods, promoting the continuous productivity and quality increase.

Is your client being well served?

In your company, do your employees request the demands for the different sectors by email? This may cause problems and a significant waste of time. With Tz0 Cycle you have the shared services center which, through its services catalog, gathers all the predefined demands and directs them to the responsible areas, such as, HR, IT, legal, among others. Tz0 Cycle manages the demands of all areas in an agile and dynamic way, shortening and optimizing the troubleshooting flow. It controls the time of service and displays notifications if the calls were not made in time. In addition, the manager is kept informed through accurate statistical data on how his client is served, being able to make management decisions safely.

Want to have agility in meeting the demands?

Acting as Service Desk, Tz0 Cycle integrates work processes of your company to solve internal and external problems, ensuring optimization in meeting the demands. In addition to managing contracts related to the services provided by your company, this solution operates at service levels and allows you to create service categories, automatically directing the flow of solutions in a way that saves time and features of your team. In addition, the entire structure of Tz0 Cycle can be accessed by a web browser, ensuring that no problem remains unsolved. There is also the service catalog feature, where the user finds all possible requests for demands offered to internal or external clients. For example, IT service, new employee request, cancellation of notes, among others. In a practical and fast way, manage the entire service flow and Service Level Agreement (SLA) involved.

Change your concept about design tools

More and more professionals are required to manage their tasks, which requires dynamism and organizational skills. Tz0 Cycle Task Management provides several tools that will support the management of activities and projects, giving greater flexibility in scheduling and prioritization of tasks and features. The results can be easily viewed through reports, "Burndown and Gantt" charts, which makes it easier to understand project evolution.

Need to generate more knowledge for your team to serve the client?

By the way Tz0 Cycle organizes your information, it becomes knowledge. Knowledge that comes from demands constantly collected by the database. And with this, users can perform advanced searches, speeding up the meeting of demands. Searches made by users can be stored in virtual folders to facilitate access to information. Through these virtual folders, service queues are created, causing emergencies to be met first. The knowledge to create the queue is generated through any information extracted from the database, such as: period, company, subject, contact, urgency, among others.


  • Time saving and agility in the service cycle;
  • Increases the level of client satisfaction;
  • Eliminates the time spent by the manager with the distribution of activities;
  • Lower cost for customizing service flows;
  • Eliminates potential damages for the company;
  • Optimization in financial impact decisions;
  • Full control of Workflow, project management and tasks;
  • Solution for shared services center;
  • Quick access to your knowledge base, generating information reliability;
  • Instant compliance with ITIL, CMM, COBIT standards, among others;
  • Manages all the activities and demands of a project in a single place, assigning the effective time of each activity;
  • Simple management of workflows regardless of the type of company or industry to which it is intended. Tool for easy deployment and maintenance of service flows through diagrams and intuitive interface;
  • Actual indicators on service satisfaction and information subsidy for KPIs reports, allowing to understand if the objectives are being achieved;
  • Simple follow-up of the current service stage, allowing decision-making even outside the company;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support, Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, Android and iOS;