Tz0 Mobile


Technology literally limitless

With the consolidation of mobile technologies, the IT environment of companies have no longer any physical limits. There are cellphones, tablets and other devices that add many valuable features to the companies, but that can also cause a series of problems to its management and controlling. The risk of theft and loss is always present, in addition to leaking information and the difficulty of keeping control of a report that is not physically present in the company. To solve these and other difficulties of mobile devicing, we have developed a solution focused in manipulating mobile devices, using the potential of the already established Trauma Zer0 suite.

Do you wish to audit specific actions in mobile devices in order to indentify the spent time in apps, bad using or even faults on the security policy?

With Tz0 Mobile, you can plan the actions of each device and also control the company's security policies. With that, you have full access to the usage information of these devices (measurement of software), ensuring a much higher productivity. There is also a possibility that, during the work period, it can release only the using of apps considered relevant to the user or group of users, limiting the use to the professional of the device only.

Security keeping up with movement

How to keep a network safe when its physical limits no longer exist? Using a modern global positioning technology, the TZ0 Mobile ensures the security of the devices and their users by monitoring their usage, protecting private information, and facilitating the remote management of the devices. The global location of mobile devices is constantly monitored, facilitating its tracking anywhere on the planet and enabling its retrieval.

Need to monitor a fleet of cars or trucks?

We have designed a solution to allow the possibility to intall the program in a vehicle, keeping the entire route on the database, even when it is out of reach of the mobile network. Real-time alerts can be selected for speed limits, as well as marking zones that can't be crossed, making it possible to state rules about prohibited zones that are monitored with real-time alerts.

Does your inventory keep up with the mobility of its structure?

In addition to ensuring security, data integrity and good use of mobile devices, Tz0 Mobile accurately invents all mobile device classes. The inventory of mobile devices lets you know with who each device is, where it is located, and how many different models the company has, assisting the administrator with investments in mobile phones and tablets. The most complete and accurate inventory of the market follows the mobility of its structure. Track the entry and exit of your mobile equipment from your company premises, and be alerted if any equipment leaves the authorized area.

Want to ensure that the enterprise applications are installed and updated remotely?

Using Tz0 Mobile's "Deploy apps" feature, you can create multiple application distribution lists, either based on the app's URL in the Device Store or the app's own installation file. Distribution for an application upgrade or installation can be done in a group or individually and without the need to download the app. The analyst creates the list and distributes it in a practical and quick way, saving time and resources.

Want to organize your mobile devices, identify users x devices with departments, and if the company chip is actually being used?

With the Tz0 Mobile module it is possible to register contacts, that is, you can manage the information related to the equipment in a unified way by working with a register of your devices. It also controls information such as the registration of organizations, cost centers, and others. By making this association, you have control over who is using a particular device and which chip is registered on that device, and thus inhibit the practice of using other lines in the device.

Do I need to prevent sensitive company information from being accessed if a user loses their device or if it's stolen?

With the Tz0 Mobile data protection feature, it is possible to safely remove the data contained in the managed mobile device, in case of loss, theft, or any other emergency related to the device. Emergency removals can be performed remotely (Wipe - delete information from the device, ensuring the confidentiality of your company information). Adding to it, thinking of a possible device recovery, it is also possible to identify the location of the device through GPS location tracking, thus returning the position of where the device is and where it has traveled.


  • Reduces cost with data and broadband plans;
  • Reduces cost and time spent on device management;
  • Minimizes the risk of loss of sensitive and important company data;
  • Increased visibility in decision making and investment readjustment;
  • Increased availability of devices;
  • It monitors in real time the use of the applications by the user, allowing blocking (White list and Black list);
  • Performs hardware and software inventory, including IMEI, ICCID (Chip/Simcard) and line number;
  • Audits actions performed by the user, such as calls, SMS and the use of the applications, relating them to their geolocation;
  • Distribution of apps available on the online store to mobile devices;
  • Allows you to return to the factory default settings, using the Wipe command;
  • Devices can be linked to users, cost centers and/or departments;
  • It can be installed in vehicle fleets to monitor geolocation, speed and allowed/prohibited zones;
  • Product with 3 available language supports (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support: Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.