Tz0 Security

Security Policies

How do you ensure compliance with safety regulations?

It would be easy to maintain a secure network if all employees obeyed the company's use and security policies. No matter how well a team is kept aware of the permissions and prohibitions related to the company's security, it is impossible to guarantee by verbal means that employees always comply with all rules. And in the case of safety, a small detail can be crucial for those who do not use Trauma Zer0.

Blocks and rules

Through Tz0 Security, it is possible to elaborate and guarantee the application and the fulfillment of a complete security policy, composed of rules that will define how, when, and what types of features each employee is authorized to use. You can block access to hardware, software, web pages and applications, and restrict access to folders and files. Users who persist will have their actions mapped and displayed in security reports.

Prevent hardware from being changed

Another available feature to ensure reliability is the hardware snapshot. With it, it is possible to take a photo of the workstation and prevent the use of another peripheral in the workstation, unless another snapshot is taken, ensuring that the hardware is not changed and avoiding rules to be broken and risks of virus or illegal softwares. Even a simple change of keyboard, mouse, a flash drive connection is prevented, and the Manager is alerted.

Get real-time visibility into everything that happens in your network

With Tz0 Security, every type of device generates security alerts and reports whenever there is any change in hardware and software, for example, one user replaces a 2 GB RAM memory with another 512 MB - either because it has been properly or improperly modified. Thus, it is possible to detect when your hardware has been changed, replaced with another similar or even stolen. The manager will be alerted of a suspicious conduct even if he is away from the network, through his Smartphone or Tablet, by email or SMS.

How much equipment have you lost?

In medium and large networks, especially in those where there is great physical distance, it is very difficult to maintain the security of components that can be removed, such as: notebooks, tablets, removable discs and printers, for example. These equipment are often misplaced by company employees, and are vulnerable to theft and misuse.

Do you need to control your employee's work schedule? How long, effectively is he/she using the computer?

Tz0 Security offers the possibility to control the working hours of its users and the reasons for absence. The manager can register the team's work schedule so that, when it is close to the break time or the end of the workday, the system starts to alert the user to organize his/her exit. And to schedule the logoff and turn off the computer at the end of the workday. If necessary, it is possible to quantify the time that your employee is absent, either in meetings or for personal reasons. With this feature, it is possible to ask the reason for the absence, every time there is a computer lock: snack, meeting, doctor... It is a way of not letting users work out of the business hours and of assisting the HR sector, both with greater control of worked hours and security regarding possible problems with labor laws.

Application layer firewall

Allows you to create "firewalls" for the application layer, you can determine that only certain applications have access to certain files, for example, you have a purchasing management software, that software accesses a local "mysql" database, anyone could change or copy that database, take it away or tamper its data, with our feature you can determine that only the purchase management application has access to database files, preventing any possibility of theft or fraud in the information.

Complete integration with Windows security policies

Seamless integration with the security policies included in Windows allows you to easily block or authorize any native Windows feature by user, computer, and group, both for computers within your network and outside.


  • Greater integrity and reliability in the technological environment;
  • Prevents users from violating rules declared in the security policy;
  • Maximizes user productivity;
  • Reduces fraud possibility;
  • Real-time alert, including for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets;
  • Quarantine of suspects, observes the users who are persisting in trying to violate network security policies;
  • Allows you to block access to software, hardware, websites, folders and files;
  • Feature directed to the HR, controls employee's work time, being able to define access schedules and register reasons for leaving during the workday;
  • All features work even on machines outside the corporate network;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support, Windows, Linux and Android.

How does it work?