Configuration Management

Do you need to eliminate the excessive use of worksheets to control configuration items?

Tz0 CMDB is intended for configuration management of the corporate environment. It offers management features of configuration items (CIs), generation of baselines and comparison between them, and generation of customized reports using the Tz0 EIS application.

What is a baseline?

It is a concept of configuration management that helps us to control the changes performed in the configuration items of a company. When we approve a certain configuration, whether from a hardware or software, we are creating a baseline. Whenever there is a change in a configuration item, a new baseline is generated for purposes of comparison with the previous one and subsequent approval (or otherwise) of the changes.

Compare baselines

Tz0 CMDB allows comparison between baselines in order to report differences between them. Types of comparatives: Difference between assets. Difference between the current state of the asset and a selected baseline. Difference between baselines. Tz0 CMDB allows you to manipulate groups of configuration items, allowing you to add and edit existing groups and copy or relocate assets from one group to another, making it easier to manage items.

Control all components of IT services

Tz0 CMDB ensures that information in the database is always up to date, through periodic checks. Thus, your company will always have a complete, detailed and updated inventory fully automatically. Tz0 CMDB ensures complete control over your organization's IT service components through complete and updated reports. Thus, it is possible to find out if the assets and their components acquired by the company are still the same and intact.

Do you have total control of your assets?

Tz0 CMDB allows you to register Configuration Items that are not directly related to technology, such as: tables, chairs, furniture, machines and tools. This feature increases product's area of activity, and it justifies its adoption and investment. After registering, the assets view can be filtered by categories or groups. You can also filter the asset view through fields such as ID, name, serial, and invoice. Tz0 CMDB keeps the information confidential, allowing access only to authorized users through centralized authentication on Trauma Zer0 platform.

Do you want to analyze the impacts on services related to configuration items?

Nowadays, since all IT services are indispensable to the company, any unexpected stoppage of services means inefficiency and immeasurable losses to the organization, an analysis work has fundamental importance before actions in the CIs, the CMDB, therefore, exactly seeks to present an easy and quick view of the arrangement and relationship of these assets. Through the tool Tz0 CMDB we can view the assets classified by hierarchy, relationship, dependency, type, category and groups so that the impact will be easily mapped and the services that will be affected in possible maintenance or changes are identified.

The company's assets undergo many changes of physical location (headquarters, branches, home office), how can the CMDB help in this process? Can I reassemble my baselines without major difficulties?

Organizations experience extreme physical changes in IT assets due to the business needs or simply due to a better systematization. In this dynamics, the organization makes the process of a simple change of room, department or even a factory plant, a difficult and complex problem to solve. The Tz0 CMDB module seeks to facilitate complex processes to simple changes, all registered baseline are saved and can be consulted at any time by teams and their analysts. According to information recorded in the database, the same baseline can be assembled exactly equal to or even better as the company evolves, and all these changes are recorded.

Is the asset registration process costly? Does the tool provide customization of registration?

IT teams typically have little time to perform simple tasks, such as asset registration, "time is money". The analyst responsible for managing a Tz0 CMDB tool searches for tools with flexibility and simplicity in the registration operations. In the Tz0 CMDB we have the option of importing thousands of CIs with a simple CSV file, emphasizing that, by integration to the Tz0 Inventory module, the inventoried assets are also automatically integrated into the CMDB. Thinking about organizations, we have manual asset registration, as an option, with the creation of custom attributes to the asset category.


  • Objective management of the logical vision of the IT infrastructure (CIs) and their services;
  • Increases problem management efficiency of incident-related CIs;
  • Better cost evaluation of the proposed changes in baselines;
  • Growth in user productivity due to lower interruptions in the IT environment;
  • Control of assets by type of CIs, hierarchy and their relationships and dependencies;
  • Integration with the inventory module of Trauma Zer0 Suite (Tz0 Inventory) and registration of items, including non-manageable ones;
  • Historical traceability of configuration and comparison items between baselines;
  • Issues alerts related to changes in baselines;
  • Relationship between all configuration items with monitoring of critical characteristics;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Product for platform Windows;

How does it work?