Tz0 Deploy

Software Distribution

Are your employees interrupted by technical visits?

It does not matter if the software needs to be installed on desktops, notebooks or even servers. With the Tz0 Deploy, the distribution can be performed for any type of equipment, being able to be pre-scheduled and following rules defined by the network manager and also to assign certain type of software to each specific machine or user profile. And the best: the process occurs without the stations' users realizing that the modifications are being made, not requiring any type of intervention that could compromise the workflow. Streamline maintenance and maximize productivity, leaving hard work for Tz0 Deploy.

How to save with maintenance, while still doing it?

Every day new programs and applications appear on the market. The quick software update seeks to follow the increasing demands for solutions that streamline companies' workflow. You certainly need constant maintenance to keep all network software up-to-date according to your business needs. How big is your network? Do your workstations need routine maintenance? How often do you need software changes? How much do you spend on maintaining all workstations? Tz0 Deploy was created to make your business save time and money without compromising your workflow. With this powerful tool, the installation, updating and uninstallation of all the software of your network is carried out automatically, without the technicians having to leave their jobs, thus avoiding expenses with additional maintenance hours and unnecessary displacements to each location.

Does maintenance mean making your company stop working?

Imaginethat a software or patch needs to be urgently installed on 1000 workstations of your company. That should not be a problem, since this can be done automatically, right? What if you knew that this task could make the network inoperable for an entire afternoon - or even a few days - because of bandwidth commitment? Can you imagine the damage your company would have? Tz0 Deploy eliminates this problem by using bandwidth control and resume technologies. While bandwidth control is used to set a maximum bandwidth occupation limit that each packet must consume from the network link, preventing a distribution from a packet from competing directly with your business transactions. The resume assists in the transfer of a software, automatically returning from the point where the transfer stopped, in case the network connection falls, maintaining packet integrity. An interesting example is the remote terminals, which continue operating normally during a process of update distribution or new systems. And if the connection drops while sending a 100 MB software without having finished, when the connection returns, the sending will continue from where it stopped, if you have transferred 80 MB, it will send the missing 20 MB without corrupting the file.

Is your company prepared for the next update?

Critical updates (patches) are often necessary to keep the network operating safely, free of failures that may result in problems for your company. Updates, in general, improve software performance. The fastest and safer manner of keeping softwares of your workstations updated is through Tz0 Deploy, that can carry out a patch distribution in a transparent way before any failures can occur. You need to get the update only once, then just distribute it automatically through Tz0 Deploy. Another difficult process that turns into a simple task, without changing your company's routine, allowing the IT team to dedicate themselves to other tasks that have a greater impact on the results.


  • Agility and economy in software distribution;
  • Fast application of patches and security updates;
  • Reduced costs in network infrastructure;
  • Dedication of the IT team to activities that have a greater impact on the company's results;
  • Automatic distribution of packets by users, stations and groups, with silent installation;
  • Packet generating application integrated with the solution that allows you to create customized packets;
  • Flexibility ensured by the concept of "Software Containers", where automatic distribution points (nodes) support the distribution scale;
  • Allows you to create packet dependency in the distribution, once a packet with dependency is distributed, it installs its dependents first;
  • Allows installation scheduling and customization, as well as verifying success and indicating what each user was doing at the time;
  • "Resume" technology in distributions provides the restart of distribution from the point where it has been interrupted;
  • Customizes packets distribution according to the characteristics of the users or groups of workstations.
  • You can set how much bandwidth each packet will consume during distributions;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support, Windows, Linux and Android.