Tz0 Hours

Workday Control

Need to track the overtime of your employees?

Tz0 Hours allows the manager to control company's office hours in a direct and customized way, through the institution of specific workloads attributed to each employee. With it you can perform the registration of a specific working hours for your equipment and/or users, assigning alerts that inform the user the end of each workday. With this feature, you can fully control the working hours of each team member, determining how much extra time they can or cannot request, avoiding the excessive use of overtime.

Is overtime an unresolved problem in your business?

Tz0 Hours enables the manager to create time profiles for later application to specific users, groups or computers. Through these, it is possible to establish how much time he/she has available to use the company's equipment, being able to define three types of action to be executed at the end of the term, being: Turn off(turn off the machine), Bother (send messages repeatedly until the equipment is switched off) and Reason (allows extra time to be requested to continue the work).

Notifications so there are no surprises and to avoid waste of time?

Within the available options for profile creation, the products offers the manager the possibility of generating alerts or notifications to be sent to the machine user in order to alert that the use time is ending, so that he/she has enough time to save the data he/she was working with, or to inform that the term has passed, so that the use of the equipment is immediately suspended.

Free pass with exceptions to normal working hours!

As an exception register feature, it is possible to determine a predefined period for each user, group or computer in which the equipment of the company can be used outside the working hours registered in the work profile. Thus, the manager previously define how much time and on what days each employee can work beyond the working hours, controlling the number of overtime used by each employee.

Do you need extra time to "work"?

It is not always possible to predict the situations in which the employee will need to work beyond the working hours. For these occasions, Tz0 Hours offers the extra time feature, which allows the request for time beyond the working hours. Although the user needs time immediately and without prior scheduling, the product makes it possible to define variables such as quantity of requests available for him/her, maximum time to be requested and waiting period for a new request.

Do employees working uncontrollably from their cell phones at home also generate overtime cost? Do you know how to solve it?

Through the Tz0 Mobile module, along with the Tz0 Hours application, you can create and apply profiles containing specific work schedules for your mobile devices. You can assign a workload to each piece of equipment, and as soon as the time limit is reached it informs the user, being automatically turned off. In addition to the time limit notice, the manager can configure the Tz0 Hours so that the user can request extra time for the case of use beyond the working hours and still how much time each one can request.


  • Solve your problem of paying overtime for non-productive jobs;
  • Helps your company to maximize productivity;
  • Creation and application of limited working hours of equipment;
  • Generation of alerts;
  • Application in groups or per user;
  • Creation of several profiles;
  • Security and audit options;
  • Allow registrations of extra time "exceptions" allowed to each user;
  • Enables the employee to request overtime;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support, Windows and Android.