Tz0 Encrypt

Disc encryption

How much is the information in your computers worth?

We are in the information and knowledge era, this is the most valuable asset generated within companies. Imagine if a laptop is stolen, who will have access to the information stored in it? Using Tz0 Encrypt you do not have to worry about this: the information contained in the virtual disc can only be accessed if the user is identified in the company networks. In addition, you can customize the authentication method so that sensitive information is accessed quickly and securely.

"Exclusive" technology for protection against reverse engineering from hackers

It has several layers of active security protection both in the computer boot in the "bios (baremetal) layer before the operating system runs", when inside the operating system it creates high-level protections like hardware interlacing technology, anti-debuggers, anti-virtualizers "virtual machines", obfuscation of codes, random encryption and capture traps among others. It is almost impossible to breach a system protected by our product that is now widely used in virtually all ATMs in Brazil for years, and has a rate of 0% of successful breaches.

What about computers performance?

Even using its advanced real-time encryption system, the change in recording speed on the virtual disc is imperceptible, while maintaining the full performance of computers, even those with simpler configuration. And, there's more: you can also encrypt the entire disc of your machine or a specific drive, and even a directory or file. Not to mention that all management is done remotely by the information security team.

Virtual discs making backup easy?

You can set up for personal directories such as "My Documents" to be moved into the secure disc, as well as other directories, as program source codes in development environments. By integrating Tz0 Encrypt with Tz0 Software Delivery and Deploy, you can generate automatic backup routines, without having to worry about sabotage or failure in your network.

Do you need a centralized management?

The encryption process is 100% manageable remotely and centrally, without the need to get the equipment in place, be it a notebook or desktop, to start the encryption process, change keys and even decrypt an entire unit. Through management reports it is possible to get a general and accurate picture of the actual situation of each device, thus enabling actions in a timely manner.

Do I need to train my employees to use this tool?

The virtual disc developed by iVirtua is simple and does not require any technical knowledge of the user. It has full integration with Windows, as if it were a physical disc, and can add a standard disc to all employees or, therefore, by groups of employees, according to the performance department. Authentication to use the disk can be done by private networks, by internet connection, offline, and even through the Google Authenticator app available on your smartphone.


  • Prevents confidential information with a high value to the organization from being disclosed;
  • Reduction of technical operational cost, with the encryption management;
  • Manages the encryption of every technological environment in a centralized way;
  • Compliance with Information Security standards, such as ISO/IEC 27000 and ISO/IEC 27001;
  • Interlace hardware technology, which destroys all information if the disc is relocated to a unauthorized computer;
  • Integration with Google Authenticator for access via token;
  • Resets encryption from the point that it has been interrupted by unexpected actions, drastically reducing the possibility of data loss;
  • Allows real-time encryption even with users using their computers, does not affect usage performance;
  • Uses military encryption;
  • Has several security layers, such as anti-debuggers technology, anti-virtualizers "virtual machines", obfuscation of codes, random encryption and capture traps;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Solution works on Windows;

    How does it work?