Tz0 Performance

Performance Analysis

Why buy more if you have enough left?

If a workstation reports a lack of RAM memory, or overloaded CPU for the type of task it is running, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For it to yield again, investment is necessary! Know that this is not always true. Imagine a network where hundreds of workstations go through this situation, how much money would be saved using Tz0 Performance? Through performance comparative graphs, you can see at what point installed features are not being needed in the network and also relocate your components to another point in the network that needs to improve performance, avoiding unnecessary hardware investment. Imagine improving each machine without spending a penny more! With Trauma Zer0 it is possible to do a total optimization with great savings.

Are you getting the most out of your investment?

The manager is often forced to invest in identical configurations for workstations that will have very different purposes, as he does not have in hands data that will indicate how often each station is used and how much memory or CPU it will require during the daily tasks. Tz0 Performance solves this problem in a practical and precise way, never seen before in the market. Through real-time monitoring, performance data of each network component is collected and stored in a database, and can be consulted in managerial analyzes on any period of time elapsed since the feature was attached to the network. Thus, it is possible, among other things, to plan the next hardware investment, without taking greater risks.

Need to check the performance of your features?

Softwares are refurbished, the database increases every moment and the workstation is lagging behind. It is not uncommon for entire sectors in a company to experience productivity deficits due to restrictions imposed by the maximum performance of their computers. With Tz0 Performance it is possible to know which features are below or above the expected performance average and to detect where the investment is needed. In addition, components such as databases, memory and antivirus can also have the performance measured by Tz0 Performance. It is possible to know at what times the features weigh more and when a greater performance is required, being able to define if it is necessary to increase the technology park, to seek a productivity increase in a certain sector, or even to decide who gets which workstation.


  • Diagnoses problems, being able to define components and processes as target of optimization or solution;
  • Helps you make administrative decisions by analyzing the performance of any monitored network item;
  • Enables the creation of comparatives between equipment on the use of certain hardware components through reports;
  • Enables you to know when IT investments are needed and when you can optimize existing features;
  • Enhances future investments in the technological environment;
  • Boosts productivity;
  • Monitors the performance of virtually all network management devices and services;
  • Data analysis allows you to detect which features can be relocated on the network to streamline the workflow;
  • The data stored in real time allows you to extract management reports without time limits, being able to monitor from hours to months or years;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support, Windows and Linux;

How does it work?