Tz0 Phoenix

Computer Restore

Is your company prepared for a catastrophe?

With the many vulnerabilities that the IT environment is subject to, it becomes difficult to predict when any system will collapse. In addition to having their productivity negatively affected by downtime, companies run the risk of losing important data on corrupted discs. A small failure can turn into a catastrophe if the company is not ready. In the event of a disaster, Tz0 Phoenix allows work to be resumed in a matter of minutes, recovering all the files, programs and operating systems installed on the drives by storing and recovering disc images. In this way, emergency situations that would affect productivity, generating extra costs and inhibiting access to information, are absorbed in an agile and efficient way, guaranteeing the restoration of disc drives without the need to reinstall operating systems and programs.

Did the system crash and all work files were lost?

It is impossible to calculate the degree of importance of the information contained in a corporate network. To lose them suddenly may represent an immeasurable loss of time and money. Even if there are preventive backups, how quickly your access should be made available is often fundamental.

Is it possible to save time in system configuration?

Constant processes for the IT technical team, such as installing new programs or applications, network expansion, operating systems mean an increase in the volume of technical hours and time demand. With Tz0 Phoenix, this task can be performed automatically on all network stations and servers. It is enough for the manager to store disc images with the default settings and distribute them over the network to each desired user profile. Thus, system configuration is performed only once, saving a large amount of time and money.

What are disc images?

Tz0 Phoenix works as a backup tool that enables you to recover not only the system, but the entire file structure of a disc drive, making data access quickly. This module ensures adherence to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, already in force in some countries, that requires companies to have instant recovery preventive systems.

Want to gain agility in the process of creating images without interrupting users' activities?

With the Tz0 Phoenix module it is possible to create and restore images through a unified and intuitive interface. The creation of images is done online, without the need for the user to interrupt his/her daily activities, and without the analyst needing to go to the workstation and temporarily removing the machine.

Do you need to restore backups remotely or locally without the need to reinstall all softwares?

Facing unexpected adversities, Tz0 Phoenix enables your company to recover images without the need to format the workstation. Such recovery can be performed locally or remotely. As well as in the creation, upon recovery of these images you can browse and search where this image was stored, regardless of whether it is a local station or a remote repository, making this process more secure, efficient and standardized.

Do you seek support for any operating system on any equipment?

We consider that a corporate environment has several types of operating systems in different types of equipment, we designed the solution to meet the recovery of images for any situation.

Need to collect evidence for forensic analysis?

Using forensic techniques, the module allows you to copy data from a workstation, not only what is being used, but all the blocks of a disc. It is possible to create a complete image of the disc, that is, bit by bit, in order to preserve removed files and other information, so that they can be applied in the legal scope.


  • Fast replication;
  • Agility in the recovery of services;
  • Cost reduction with IT infrastructure;
  • Greater availability of the technological environment;
  • It does not interrupt users' activities.
  • It enables your company to recover, in a few minutes, all the work, files, programs and operating systems installed on the disc;
  • It enables the recovery of all the workstations simultaneously, without the need of formatting;
  • Without interrupting users' activities or even the server, it performs management remotely;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Multiplatform support, Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS, Solaris and AIX.

How does it work?