Tz0 Sondas

E-mail Monitoring

Is your company being forged? Are you forewarned?

Hundreds of corporations are harmed daily through industrial espionage, social engineering, employees sending resumes and keeping in touch with competitors, the careless sending of company's strategic information, which in the hands of the competition can cause irreparable damage. The Tz0 Sondas monitors all the messages that run through the company network. Through conditions linked to actions, it is possible to filter subjects, texts, people, and documents referred to in the title, the body of the message, and even within attachments. Unlike other server-level email monitoring solutions, Tz0 Sondas acts integrated with the operating system, allowing signed and encrypted emails (with any technology) to be monitored like the others, in a process impossible to be circumvented.

Is managing messaging rules a complicated process?

Tz0 Sondas allows you to update and create rules online, in real time, without the need to restart client emails and ensuring total dynamism. It becomes easy to take measures focused on security and control of emails, as well as on the improvement of network performance. It works integrated with corporate Outlook (version 98 or higher), this module has full integration with the corporate database, which extracts management reports from various scenarios based on the use of email as a communication tool. It can even generate alerts, rebuild messages, send them to the manager and even simulate sending to the recipient, among many other actions. Distributed processing adds high technology and artificial intelligence to the corporate environment.

Legal basis in lawsuits

With Tz0 Sondas, it is possible to trace from which part of the network, station and user each email was sent, using unique parameters that guarantee the complete integrity of the information, also representing legal proof in lawsuits, according to the RIP law, recently approved and encouraged by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Can the network get faster without additional investment?

Many messages run within corporate networks, with files, attachments, photos, presentations, documents and unproductive contents that are outside the company's interests. These attachments are responsible for much of the overload on the network link, causing system downtime and unavailability. Tz0 Sondas has an automatic attachment compression feature, in a universal format, without the need for user interaction. Using this tool can free up to 60% of the network bandwidth, increasing its availability, and reducing the amount of storage space occupied in the email server, as the attachment is stored in a compressed manner. In this way, user quotas last longer and the company saves additional storage and backup investments.


  • Compliance with RIP (Regulation of Investigatory Powers);
  • Creation and monitoring of email rules in real time;
  • Rebuilding of emails in real time;
  • Savings up to 60% of the bandwidth wasted in attachments;
  • Distributed processing in networks of any size and Fraud prevention;
  • Historical traceability of emails in the database;
  • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Support for Windows "Microsoft Outlook 98 or higher".