Tz0 Forensics

Digital Investigation

Do you want to have control of everything that happens in your company?

Using the Snap Spy feature, all the screen interactions of all users of the network will be recorded, allowing the analyst to view a complete video of what was executed second by second during their work day. This feature works similar to a DVR, where you can set the maximum disc space occupied, number of days, or that these videos will be available for further analysis.

"Live Forensics" Technology

Trail technology that can be installed on a computer. From the moment the installation is complete, everything that is done by the user is registered for analysis: keylog, changes in files, browsing, use measurement, versioning of Office documents, conversations of Instant Messengers. This information can be accessed at any time, and reports can be generated from all the data stored so far.

Do you need to audit tools such as remote access, financial systems, accounting, emails, both on the client and web platform?

Second-to-second monitoring can be started during the execution of a particular application (both desktop and web), so everything that is done from this moment on is recorded in the video format. Visualization of audit videos can be performed at any time using a simple and intuitive interface where the location is made by date and time of recording, user or computer.

Need to revert malicious user actions?

Through Tz0 Forensics, it is possible to reverse malicious user actions through file rebuilding tools, allowing you to return to the original file before the change has been made. In addition, there is the possibility of accurately analyzing who deleted, created or changed a folder, clearly identifying what was done.

Do you need information when fraud events are occurring, enabling the decision-making process?

With a range of options included in Trauma Zer0, it is possible to schedule the activity announcement at the moment they are happening, thus guaranteeing the decision making with more agility and accuracy. Through what is entered or accessed by the user, Tz0 Forensics can take a screen print, record videos, take photos through the webcam and even record audios, storing this information as evidence to be used later or at the event.

Want to locate the evidence more quickly, dynamically and effectively?

From the installation of Tz0 Forensics, it is possible to schedule records for analysis, such as keylogs, file changes, navigation, folder activities and instant messaging conversations. This information can be accessed at any time through direct connection to the workstation or report generation from all the data stored so far in the database.

Data recovery

Tz0 Forensics data rebuilding allows you to get files deleted by the user, emails sent and received, data storage files of the main email clients (Outlook 2007, 2010 and Express, Thunderbird, etc.), browsing history and browser favorites, among countless other data stored on the hard drive. Data recovery can reach deep levels as the system allows browsing the hard disk sectors and cylinders for information, with keyword recognition technology.

Reverse password engineering

Feature for rebuilding native passwords of over 300 most common engines in the market (Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, among others), popular FTP clients (CuteFTP, FileZilla, WS_FTP, among others), Messengers (ICQ, Yahoo, Trillian, Google Talk, among others), email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, among others), every password used within the webbrowser are captured, such as, for example, (banks, ecommerce portals, universities, among others). "Exclusive" reverse engineering technology in real time, without much effort!


    • Reduces losses due to deviations and/or exclusion of strategic information;
    • Brings support in decision making through the information collected;
    • Assists in the legal scope, being able to use evidences in lawsuits;
    • Works silently and remotely, storing the history in a database;
    • Monitors all actions of the computer user, capturing all the features, such as: monitor, webcam, keyboard, microphone, browsers, fixed and removable discs;
    • Provides information that allows rebuilding of files deleted by the user;
    • Online and offline monitoring of the activities carried out at the workstations;
    • Records videos based on the activities of the computers and captures the audio emitted in the equipment microphone;
    • Monitoring can be triggered by actions performed by the user;
    • Allows online and offline monitoring of the activities carried out at the workstations;
    • Records all machine keyboard inputs, captures passwords stored in browsers and/or instant messengers, among many other protocols and tools;
    • Monitoring of conversation history, such as Skype;
    • Product with support to 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);
    • Solution runs on Windows.

    How does it work?

    Productivity Control

    Do you know what your employees are doing on computers? What if you knew and had a way to influence your team's productivity increase? Want to know more